What is Other Storage on Mac Monterey, Big Sur, How to Delete it?


What is Other Storage on Mac Monterey, Big Sur, How to Delete it?

You might end up in worse shape than when you started. If you don’t want to take Apple’s word for it, if you’re not using FileVault, or if you just want to, there is a way to securely erase free space on your SSD.

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In this regard, CleanMyMac is a huge time-saver, and keeping it on my Mac is a no-brainer. I’ve thoroughly tested almost every feature of both these apps. You can read our full CleanMyMac X review and Gemini 2 review for more.

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You will be able to access any media on demand, but it won’t take up space on your Mac. We’ve all been there—your computer stops letting you download new things and it constantly reminds you that you are low on storage, so you decide to delete some photos to make space. Apple’s iCloud does a great job at protecting your photos, but you have to be careful not to delete photos from iCloud and your Mac. Once you enable iCloud, make sure to enable Optimize iPhone Storage. This option will automatically replace the full-resolution photos on your iPhone with low-resolution images when your storage gets too full. However, you can always download the original from iCloud.

  • This is what creates the cryptic category of “Other” storage on Mac.
  • There are many useful apps included with Windows 10, but there are some you might want to remove.
  • Use “Get Info” on Macintosh HD to find out how much space you really have available.
  • After removing NMoreira, you can try to remove Web Sparkle decrypt maktub files.
  • We have a few suggestions for this software down below alongside the tips and guides for browser cleaning.

You can download it for free from its official website and install it just like any non-App Store app. The free version can scan your system, but it won’t actually delete any junk data unless you purchase a license. Just be ready that the manual cleanup process can be quite time-consuming, so don’t expect instant results. If you’re looking for a tool that can automatically clean Mac storage, pick another best app to clean Mac featured in this article. First check with the memory storage so that you can have an basic idea of the present storage occupied.

How to get rid of disk images and archives in ‘Other’ on Mac

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